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About us

Biodermoil is an online Canadian company  based in Montréal. Biodermoil CosmeticsTM is the fruit of 35 years of experience and knowledge. The main elements used for the original and efficient dermo-cosmetic products are organic prickly pear seed oil, enriched essential oils, vitamins and other natural materials
Experience: Biodermoil products are well known for its consultation expertise, research leadership, development and product manufacturing. Mr Rémi Saint-Pierre, chemist cosmetologist and designer of Biodermoil products, is well known across Canada for the last 35 years for his excellency in dermocosmetology. Pioneer in developing extremely efficient care products, his expertise has been very valuable in the making of numerous products for many North American and International societies.
Expertise: Thanks to his knowledge in marine and plant biotechnology, aromatherapy, herbal Medicine, fangotherapy (mud therapy), oligotherapy, and vitamin therapy, the designer knew how to create a series of “High performance” products blending the results of scientific progress of the botanical and marine extracts efficiency with essential oils, vitamins and oligo elements.
The range of Biodermoil products is the outcome of many years of research and intensive development. The lab has permanently established a research and development program.
Efficiency: Clinically tested, the products answer to the Specialists highest standards of skin care. They are made accessible to all customers.
Marketing: Ever since its launching, Biodermoil has known a growing success. Already well known in Canada, the range of products are now available in all of North America and aims to pursue its success across the planet.
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